Innovative Docking Systems - Muskokas Docking Systems in Gravenhurst, Ontario

Our Promise

Proudly Canadian Docks

Innovative Docking Systems is a strong supporter of Canadian made manufacturing and suppliers. We build everything in house and pay special attention to all details with precision and care. We put our customers first and believe in using Quality Products to ensure complete satisfaction with your dock.

Ultimate Deck Screws, Longer Board Life

Ever wonder why newly built docks don’t last like they used to? Here’s why… today’s decking screws are made cheaper and inferior with less steel and coating. Simply put, they don’t handle modern day pressure treated chemicals and come the Spring – shed dock boards.

We only use “ULTIMATE DECK SCREWS” with stronger steel and bigger shafts to give them more than double the twist strength. Featuring a revolutionary fused coating they are rated to a staggering 1700 in benchmark ASTM B117 endurance tests.

Why Do Our Docks Look So Good?

We use only the best quality stains available on the market. Proper prepping and stain application are crucial to the look and longevity of your dock. With Messmers Deck Stain, we are confident your friend’s and family will be impressed.

We offer the following docking solutions and lake necessities for Muskoka

Docking Systems, Dock Hardware, Bumpers, Ladders, Cleats, Paddles, Cedar Furniture, Floating Docks, Swim Rafts, Otter Island, Future Beach Paddle Boats, Marine Railways, Galvanized Steel Lift Pipe Docks, Galvanized Steel Pipe Docks, Shoreline Decks, Steel Shoreline Decks, Steel Pile Docks, Crib Repair, Misc. Hardware Nuts Bolts and Washers, Kasco De-Icers, Alumco Mooring Whips, Rhino Ports, Rhino Docks, Water Trampolines, Aquaglide, Aquadome, Winter Fish Huts, and Dutton Lainson Winches